What is the Value of a 5-Star Review?

Reviews and testimonials have long been known to help consumers decide on buying decisions, and especially reviews from their peers.  But it is not that easy...

Did you know that before yelp, facebook, foursquare and other social media sites, chain restaurants dominated the market?

Today we can find an authentic small restaurants that would have previously stayed unkown, suffering from the marketing engines of big chains. 

Consumers demand more credible feedback before purchasing

But not just any awareness is good enough anymore. Increasingly, consumers are demanding more credibility in the product review process. However mass websites will attract consumers that are either extremely happy about the product giving a 5 star review, or the unhappy consumers that attract the 1 star.

Business owners must encourage their customers to give their feedback for two reasons

  1. By doing so managers can understand how consumers perceive and rate their business, which can be used to improve customer service.
  2. Reviews will let prospective customers see how others have reacted to the brand, service and products and increase the credibility of your business, and improve your reputation online, which leads to more social chatter about the services.

Some small business owners worry about their reputation online and avoid exposing it, because of the edge cases (unhappy customers), but a managed reputation engine will allow you to review those reviews, contact unhappy customers and correct the situation and ask the customer to write/correct the review.  This approach is a better solution, help you build more credibility and transparency.

Take Action

As a business owner take an active role in managing your reputation,

  1. Engage your customers on the ground and online, become proactive and encourage them to post reviews about your business. 
  2. Make it simple and convenient.  Place QR signs in your place of business, receipts, menus, and other printed materials asking your customers to write a review.
  3. Review their feedback deligenity, every week at least and communicate with unhappy customers and make it right!
  4. Keep it up, it is your reputation, it is your business!
Ayna helps small business owners manage their reputation and presence online; communicate with customers on all channels (social media, SMS, Email), engage consumers with printed QR linked to (reviews, product and service information, reservation and much more). To find more visit www.ayna.com

Read more: http://smallbusiness.foxbusiness.com/technology-web/2013/03/05/value-5-star-review-zero/#ixzz2OABJZcuE

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