Developer API

Automations and Synchronization

Ayna enables businesses to synchronize content between Ayna and over 249 web services through our API integration with

Automation enables business owners to save time by automating repetitive tasks and freeing that time for work. Tasks include importing newsletter subscribers or sending an email when something happen, etc..

Ayna assistants will help you identify which tasks can be automated and will configure these for you and connect them to Ayna. We will optimize the number of zaps that have to be configured to keep you costs to its lowest while maximizing your automation value. (Note that Zapier offers a free account that allows you to automate five actions, which is a good starting point.)

Zapier Hooks and Triggers:

Ayna has tested the following hooks on Zapier and is extending our developer API to include more business actions.

  • Manage Subscriber Information (Mailchimp, Activecampaign, Mailgen, Emaildirect...)

Developer API

Your business is connected and Ayna helps you stay connected with a growing set of API calls that connects your business to other services online. We have tested and integrated our API with services such as to enable you access to over 249 web services today.

We work with customers to identify the tasks that need to be automated and fast track the API development for those actions (see Developer API).

Ayna is signatory of the Open API initiative for small businesses.

Our API documentation and endpoints are located on If you need an API call and it is NOT listed there, please contact support and we will make it available for you shortly.

Our current API calls start with /v1, and we use HTTP Digest Authentication.

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